Socius Limited is a Lincolnshire based recruitment agency which is owned by two family-owned farming businesses which have both been trading for over 70 years. Socius was formed to manage a fair relationship between employers and workers and specialises in agricultural and horticultural seasonal work.

Although Socius is a registered Gangmaster licenced by the GLAA, it is a different kind of employer.  Socius believes that best way to attract and retain good workers is to treat people well and to pay good wages. Many of our harvesting jobs offer piece work rates and bonuses. We are one of the leading agencies for the harvesting of cut flowers and each year we have work cropping millions of stems of sunflowers, gladioli, sweet williams and asters. We are one of the largest and best agencies working in daffodils and we harvest over 10 million bunches each year.

Socius work with fresh produce businesses in Spalding, Holbeach, Boston and Wisbech. Socius can offer help with packhouse work, line work and harvesting work in vegetable crops, salad crops and potatoes.

Socius is an ethical employer and has proven systems in place for managing payroll, holiday pay entitlements and pensions. We look after our workers and help them with any problems that they have with bank accounts and taxation. We have worked with lots of different nationalities and try to smooth out the challenges that arise for migrants who are coming to work in the UK for the first time. We are currently planning to provide accommodation for new workers to give them somewhere comfortable and affordable to live.

If you are a potential employee interested in finding temporary work, holiday work or a seasonal job, and you would like to work on a farm or in a food factory please get in touch. We would be pleased to hear from you

If you are hiring new employees why not try us to see if we can help you